TESOL Certificate

Two choices for your TESOL certificate course, both grant university credit.

  • Online

    Our online fully accredited TESOL certificate is 29 units, 120 hours, only 3000 baht, and is worth three credits towards the Bachelors in TESOL Degree meaning it is validated by the Thai Ministry of Education.

    The first step in order to be taken seriously by any foreign school is to obtain a TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of Other Language) certificate. We use a learning management called Moodle which allows you to see multi media lessons and take online quizzes with each unit. Once you have finished all of the units you will receive a TESOL Certificate from Siam Technology College.

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    The 29-unit course includes everything you need to be prepared to teach English. Useful videos of TESOL and ESL classrooms make this more than a typical online course.


    The units include:

    • Introducing the Principles of Teaching
    • Behaviors and Choreographies
    • Language Learning and Acquisition
    • TI Basic Model Paradigm
    • Warmers
    • Context and Contextualization
    • Core Materials
    • Controlled Practice
    • Listening Practice
    • Reading Practice
    • Extensive Reading Practice
    • Writing Practice
    • Vocabulary Expansion
    • Communciative Activities
    • Lesson Frameworks
    • Appropriate Language
    • Chants and Songs
    • Theater Techniques
    • Blackboard Techniques
    • Noticing Errors
    • Highlighting Grammar
    • Classroom Management
    • Evaluating Texts
    • Adapting Course Books
    • Content-based Instruction
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Testing
    • Lesson Planning
    • The Role of Grammar
  • In-Class
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