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"Poverty and education are inextricably linked where education is a primary means of social mobility, enabling those born into poverty to rise in society."

- Howard Stephen Friedman, a Statistician and health economist for the United Nations

Would you give up a few cups of coffee per week to change the world?

Think about it: Skip 2 cups of coffee per week, donate that money, $56 per month, its nothing.

But if you and 9 other people can do just that, you can give a US degree to a child in need. Giving them a chance to break the chain of poverty.

It takes only $560 per month for us to fully support an under-privileged student receive their degree in our special Tri-continent degree program. You can read more about this program, which combines a degree from Lamar University, UK Level 5 Diploma and a degree from Siam Technology College.

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Our first two featured students are Mongsai Zaputou and Helen Zaputou, two young women who have spent their entire lives at Kohima Orphanage and Destitute Home in Nagaland, India.

Name: Mongsai Zaputou
D.O.B: 4/04/1993
Qualification: Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Class 12)
Hobby : Decorating and listening to songs

Name: Helen Zaputou
D.O.B: 09/09/1996
QUALIFICATION: Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Class 12)
Hobby: Singing

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