Masters of Arts in Teaching from European Global School

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the ultimate degree show that this program is online?

No, there will be no mention of online studies in either the diploma or the transcripts.

How do I get four modules waived if I completed the BA TESOL program?

Easy, just inform us that you’ve receive the Bachelor's Degree in TESOL and we will and make sure that those modules are waiting for you.

Can I begin this program before I finish my bachelor’s degree?

Yes, if you have at least 90 credits of a 120-credit program you can begin this master's degree. However, you must complete your bachelor's degree before you are awarded the master's.

Will this master's degree allow me to obtain a teacher’s license from the Teachers Council of Thailand?

Yes, the curriculum for this degree has already been submitted to the Teacher's Council of Thailand and been approved.