Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study in America? Can I spend my entire time in Thailand? How flexible is this program?

One of the most amazing things about this program is the complete flexibility. You can study as much or as little time in America as you wish. You can spend the entire time in Thailand and just go to America to get your degrees. Or you can spend one or two years in the United States, in Beaumont Texas. It’s completely up to you and completely depends upon how much money you would like to spend. Situation and housing costs in America are higher.

How good is the MBA from Lamar University? How well will it be recognized around the world?

The Lamar University MBA is one of a handful of universities that are AACSB accredited — this is a special accreditation granted to only the very best business schools around the world. You can be assured that your MBA will be recognized anywhere and everywhere for its high-quality.

Is there any difference in the degrees granted from studying completely in Thailand or for those from studying in the United States?

No, the diplomas are exactly the same, the content is exactly the same, and the teachers are the same quality.