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Our World-famous BA in TESOL now available Online or In-class options

We’ve been running our world famous bachelors of arts in teaching English to speakers of second languages for over five years now. So far, our program has been limited to in class students who were willing to attend class in Thailand.

That has all changed.

Students now have an option of attending the class in Thailand, completing the degree completely online, or even a combination of the two — attending some classes and completing others online. The degree granted for the face-to- face program comes from Siam Technology College in Thailand and the online and online or blended degrees are through European Global School based in Paris.

  • In-class at Siam Technology
    • In the BA TESOL Program, you will earn an internationally recognized BA in TESOL + Diplomas in Language Acquisition, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax and TESOL Methodology
    • Study and live in the beautiful and majestic, Thailand
    • With a possible 1 year visa when you register for a full year of classes
        - Non-refundable registration fee of 5,000 baht per year
        - 5000 baht yearly administration fee on the date that you initially registered. We can accept you initially without a high school diploma, or the equivalent to it from any country, but within the first year you will need to provide the admin office with it. If you do not have any such diploma you can always get an online GED, among several other services. Again, you have one year to present it.
        - 5000 baht yearly administration fee on the date that you initially registered
    • Pay only a very affordable fee
        - Pricing: 1000 baht per credit.
        - 120 credits


    Courses Available

    Fall Semester: August to December

    • Teaching Reading
    • Information Techonology in the Digital Age
    • Introduction to Linguistics
    • English II (APA)
    • English Grammar
    • Classroom Management
    • Teaching Listening and Speaking
    • English Language Teaching Methodology
    • Internship
    • Teaching Writing

    Want to teach in Thailand but no degree? Take advantage of our free Job Referral Assistance and earn as you learn. We have connections with many schools looking for good teachers, with or without degrees. Most native-speaking foreign teachers in Thailand earn between 35,000 and 50,000 baht per month. Please be aware that, although thousands of teachers are currently teaching English in Thailand without a degree, it is technically illegal to teach English without a Non-B visa and a work permit.

    Already teaching in Thailand without a degree? Keep working (and earning)! You must attend only 30 weeks of class over a three year period to complete your degree, all during traditional school holiday periods. And, with an ED visa, you save all that time and money previously spent on visa runs.


    The total cost of the program is 1,000 baht per credit, or 121,000 baht, over three years. There is also a non-refundable 5,000 baht registration fee.

    • Non-refundable registration fee of 5,000 baht
    • 5000 baht yearly administration fee on the date that you initially registered

    Will this degree be accepted internationally?

    Yes, Siam Technology College, as a university accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education and Council of Higher Education is on the UNESCO list of International Universities and, therefore, accepted worldwide as a legitimate degree.

    UNESCO Portal to Recognized Higher Education Institutions

    Do I get any vacation time? As we mentioned above, we will have classes for 14 weeks per year. If you wish to complete the degree in 3 years you must attend 10 weeks of classes per year and the other coursework listed. But the dates of attendance are quite flexible. You may choose to study for more than three years this is up to you.

    Siam Technology College is proud to have a true global community right here on our main campus. Our International Programs undergraduates currently represent 25 different nationalities.

    Nearly Half of an MA in Teaching Waived

    By completing this Bachelor's degree you can wave four out of eight modules from the European Global School Master of Arts in Teaching. That's nearly half of the required course work towards this degree waived.

  • Online Bachelors of Arts in TESOL

    Obtain your Bachelors of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages completely online with degree granted by European Global School, in partnership with TEFL International.

    There are actually two options:

    • Complete your degree completely online
    • Complete as much of your degree as you like online, but add face-to-face classes in Bangkok, Thailand at Siam Technology College and their world-famous BA TESOL program.
    Tuition and Fees
    Initial Admin Fee $250
    4 years $118
    3 years $157
    2.5 years $189
    2 years $236

    First take the following two classes online using our Learning Management system.

    • English II (APA)
    • Introduction to TESOL

    The following 3-credit classes can be completed online using our Learning Management System or in class at Siam Technology College.

    • English I (Langauge Awareness)
    • English II (APA)
    • Introduction to Linguistics
    • Introduction to TESOL
    • Language Acquisition
    • Phonology
    • Second Language Testing
    • Materials Development
    • Classroom Management
    • Teaching Listening and Speaking
    • Morphology and Syntax
    • Teaching English Grammar
    • Teaching Reading
    • Teaching Writing
    • Curriculum Development
    • English Language Teaching Methodology
    • Educational Research
    • Sociolinguistics
    • Teaching English to Younger Learners
    • Learning in the Academic Disciplines

    In addition to these classes, there are three short research papers (10 credits each) required:

    • Phonology, Morphology and Syntax
    • Language Teaching Methodology
    • Language Acquisition

    Finally, three teaching practicums (10 credits each), with associated Teaching Journals, complete your degree requirements.

    European Global School is established as a private higher institution to promote programs internationally. The French higher education system is characterized by the coexistence of several types of institution. There are: universities; grands établissements publics (major public institutions); grandes écoles (elite schools); administrative public institutions; private higher education institutions or schools. European Global School falls under the category of private higher education establishment. The degrees obtained from the European Global School are in accordance with the French Code - Decree of January 25th, 1876, Articles L. 731-2, L. 731-3 and L. 731-4 - since October 01, 2015 under receipt No. E-15-04 to offer higher education awards at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. The UAI (unité administrative immatriculée) is 0755835K. For more information about the university's legal / academic status, along with its degree granting authority, please contact the French Embassy in your respective country, and/or contact the French Ministry of Education, in Paris, France.

    Nearly Half of an MA in Teaching Waived

    By completing this Bachelor's degree you can wave four out of eight modules from the European Global School Master of Arts in Teaching. That's nearly half of the required course work towards this degree waived.

BA TESOL Graduates may waive 4 (out of 8) Units of EGS MA in Teaching

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